Event planners and concert hall promoters usually don’t like to make homemade tickets in Microsoft Word and print them on cardboard paper. They prefer to order professionally designed and printed tickets from wholesale ticket printing companies. There are numerous design options to choose from, and the cost for ticket printing is reasonable. Some of these printing companies are local brick-and-mortar stores, but the majority do business online for convenience.

Wholesale ticket printing outfits get a lot of business from event planners, concert halls and businesses that provide tickets for popular events. As you can imagine, Ticketmaster is a top wholesale ticket printing client. In 2007 alone, Ticketmaster distributed 141 million tickets to customers (see Resources below). Small-time promoters of local events also order tickets from wholesale ticket printing companies, as do community organizations who are planning raffle drives. Nowadays, many wholesale ticket printing companies do their business online because it is easier and less expensive to receive orders from clients–customers can easily enter their desired options and track the progress of their printing order.

Design Your Own

When you place an order with a wholesale ticket printing company, you have a variety of personalization options to choose from for your ticket order. First, you will choose from a variety of templates. A concert ticket is usually designed in two parts: the main ticket and a perforated stub. You will have to enter identifying information on both parts of the ticket. There are also standard one-piece tickets if you do not require a detachable stub and want to save some money. Additionally, many wholesale ticket printing companies will allow you to choose a special color scheme or upload your own background design for the ticket.

Estimated Costs

Wholesale ticket printing businesses are usually pretty affordable. The cost per ticket depends on the volume of tickets that are purchased. So you have to realistically estimate how many people will be attending your event before figuring your cost. When you shop around and use online outfits, you should not have a problem finding printing deals for a few cents per ticket. Many wholesale ticket printing businesses will also charge you an initial setup fee on top of the per ticket printing rate. If you need your ticket printing order in a hurry, you will also pay a rush charge (see Resources below).


With the increase in online transactions, wholesale ticket printing companies may be in jeopardy of becoming obsolete. Since many events now allow you to go online to purchase admission and print your tickets right from your computer, there isn’t much need for physical printing services. So in the future, wholesale ticket printing companies will need to look at alternative options to stay in business.


As the world embraces green living, wholesale ticket printing companies will have to make adjustments to keep up with the trend of using environmentally friendly materials. According to conservatree.org, it takes up to 24 trees to make a ton of paper. Since the mainstay of the ticket printing business involves printing on paper, these companies need to adjust to the green movement by making printing on recyclable paper and using recycled printer cartridges. “Going Green” a great advertising point for these businesses, not to mention being good for the environment. When wholesale ticket printing businesses move with the times, they increase their potential for continued growth.