Nowadays no matter, if you are a small business or a consumer, saving money, is always a good idea. The hard part is to make it work and turn it into a habit with the understanding that you are saving for a better future. The variety of financial tools is growing and it is getting easier to find the best solution for your saving needs and requirements.

Luckily the digital apps are a great help when it comes to saving us time and money. We selected the top ones that will make your life easier and help you save more while doing your everyday routines.



Digit is the best app if you’re having trouble sticking to a saving plan. It syncs with your checking account and analyzes your income and your spending habits.  Based on that analysis it pulls nickles and dimes from here and there and adds them to your savings account. This is small money that you won’t even notice. Digit basically does all the thinking and saving on your behalf. The algorithm runs every three days and does the analysis and it offers a 100 days free trial. Digit is available for both iOS and Android stores.


Chime includes spending account and an FDIC-insured debit card. That allows you to save money with no worries and monitor all transactions on the go.  With Chime you also receive automatic savings account that you can set up to automatically put aside 10 percent of every paycheck you deposit into it. This banking app helps you track your spending and also save money with no effort. Another plus is that they do not charge overdraft fees, foreign transaction fees or fees for monthly minimums and ATM use.

Clarity Money

Clarity is a very helpful app that shows you your well spend money and the money you wasted on non-essentials. You can also count on it to cancel subscriptions you are not using and it can also negotiate lower rates for you. You can consider it as if you have a personal financial adviser at your fingertips. Clarity analyzes all your accounts and it makes a note when you are going over budget, offering suggestions to prevent that. You can find the Clarity app on iOS and Android stores.


With Qapital you not only get a saving money tool but also you get to improve your financial knowledge and have a better understanding of it. You’ll receive lessons on goal-setting and how to save big, saving small amounts. The main idea is that most of your purchases are for an uneven amount. The app rounds that sum to the nearest dollar and it automatically adds it to an insured account. The only thing that you need to do is to link your checking account with the app. The Qapital accounts also earn a small amount of interest and there are no fees.  It is available for both iOS and Android.


Acorns help you invest your pocket money into its platform. It simply rounds up all your transactions and adds them to your Acorns account. This account is part of Acorns investment platform. Your money savings are invested in exchange-traded funds. You have the option to choose which funds to invest whether you like to be aggressive or conservative. The app is entirely free for college students for up to four years. Everyone else has to pay a monthly fee if your account is under $5,000 or a percentage fee on anything above that amount in your account. The app also partners with Airbnb and  Blue Apron.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget is an app that helps you built your own easy-to-use budget and have a better understanding of the value of money. The main idea of the app is to show and learn you to prioritize certain expenses, find ways to save more money for retirement and emergencies, handle unexpected costs, and live within your means rather than using credit. The app is available for all mobile devices for iOS and Android as well as Apple Watch and Amazon’s Alexa.  The software is also available that works on your Windows or Mac computer.


Mint app is helping you to stay on top of all your expenses and bills so you won’t miss the due dates and pay penalties and unexpected fees. This money-saving app also helps you create a budget to make sure you get the most of your money and shows you the money you can spare for savings, an emergency fund, and retirement while covering all your other obligations. It brings together everything from balances and bills to your credit score. Mint is available for both iOS and Android devices.