Having a yard sale is a way to clean out the house of unwanted items and pick up some extra money. It’s also a great way to help the environment by recycling your unwanted items into the hands of someone who doesn’t mind buying used and looking to save some money. Here are some tips to help you have a successful yard sale.

Step 1 – Gather together all your yard sale items. Be sure to clean off those things that have been gathering dust in your garage and attic. No one will buy that set of glassware if they’re afraid to touch it.

Step 2 – It’s time to get down to pricing and you need to be sure to price things to sell. People who go to yard sales are looking for bargains and really good deals, even lower than prices found at thrift or consignment shops. Seasoned yard sale shoppers are prepared to haggle and will ask if you “can do better” on the price your asking. So, you should expect the price you put on your items to be the starting point for any haggling that may happen. Of course you don’t need to go down on your price at all, but if you do you should decide on the lowest price you’re willing to accept first. Make sure you put tags or stickers on all your items.

Step 3 – You’ve cleaned and priced your items, now it’s time to get the word out. There are two ways to generate traffic to your sale: classifieds and posters. Post your yard sale information on your local Craigslist page. Be sure to post in both the event and sale sections and include the date, time and location. Put in a list of some of the items you’ll be offering as well as photos, if possible. The list of items will help your yard sale listing come up when someone searches for a specific item like sofa or exercise bike rather than yard sale. Make it easy for everyone to find your sale. You’ll want to make lots of easy-to-read signs to direct people to your sale. Use white or brightly colored paper and a big black marker. Make two types of signs. For posting around your neighborhood, include the words “Yard Sale” in big bold letters, as well as your address, date and time. For signs on major roads, all you need are the words “Yard Sale” in big bold letters and an arrow pointing the way to your yard sale. Unless they’re stopped at a light, drivers don’t have time to slow down and read the address of your yard sale.

Step 4 – A few things to keep on hand to help move a sale along are batteries or a power strip. No one wants to buy anything electronic without knowing if it works first. Be sure to have batteries or a power strip on hand for people to test your yard sale items to make sure they are working. Remember to take the batteries out of the item before selling it or that buyer will be walking away with a really good deal. Also, consider having a tape measure so buyers can see if that chest of drawers will it fit into their car or into their bedroom.

Step 5 – The typical hours for a yard sale are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Beware of the early birds trying to haggle for a deal before anyone has a chance to look over your wares. A great way to move sales along and get rid of those items you can’t bear to pack up again is to have a “sale” at your yard sale. Prior to the yard sale, make a sign that says “Everything on this table 1/2 price afternoon.” Put the sign on the table around 11:40 a.m. The people who are shopping might pick up a second item from that table and shop your yard sale a bit longer. Another sale to try at your yard sale is to have a $1 table and make a sign that reads “buy four get one free.” It will get people to buy multiples and clean out your yard sale stash that much quicker.

Step 6 – Keep all small valuable items close to you. You might want to put that costume jewellery at the end of the driveway leading into your yard sale to draw in customers, but most likely it will draw sticky fingers instead.

Step 7 – Use old plastic bags, boxes and newspaper to package your items. Your yard sale customers will appreciate you for it.