You have worked hard to get here, senior citizen! It is time to reap the benefits of your time and effort and embrace the perks of your retirement years. Like many discounts and money saving techniques, not all of them are made apparent, but they are there if you are willing to look or ask. Did you know that senior discounts were available in shops, restaurants, recreation facilities, public transport and even hotels? You will be surprised to see what you can save! Here are our top nine senior discounts to get you started.

1. Book Yourself in for the Night

Whether you are planning a retirement trip or simply resting after a day out, be sure to check out the discounts available in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and inns. You should find that your senior status will get you a satisfying discount, between 15 and 50% off the room rate! For example, Marriott, Best Western and Motel 6 all offer discounts to over 60s.

2. Shop Till you…Need a Rest

Many international and boutique clothing stores are offering senior discounts but you may need to do a little digging to find them. Some stores provide senior citizen discount cards that can be used on every shop, but many will arrange specific days or mornings where the discount can be applied, so be sure to ask! Examples include Banana Republic and TK Maxx, who offer 10% off to over 50s, and Clarks shoe store who offer 10% for over 60s.

3. Eat out

Part one: Cafeterias

Cafeterias across the country cater for the senior citizen. They offer reduced prices, smaller plates where necessary and teach staff to respect and help customers wherever possible. They offer a wide range of food, tempting warm desserts and hot drinks. It is also much easier to receive your discount. Just flash your senior card and watch the price drop!

Part two: Bar and Grills

Many popular restaurants are participating in the senior discount and will get you an impressive 15% off your food bill. Establishments taking part include Applebees, Denny’s and Outback Steak. But wherever you go, make sure you ask. Restaurants may not be promoting the deals, but it would be a shame to overlook them.

Part three: Fast Food Restaurants

Did you know that most of your favourite fast food restaurants participate in the senior discount scheme? The offers differ per establishment but you could get up to 15% off your food bill, or even free food and drink. Once you’ve saved on your burger and fries, don’t forget about dessert. Head over to Ben and Jerry’s or Krispy Kreme for another 10% for over 55s.

4. Buying Your Groceries

One discount not to be missed is the discount available at certain supermarkets and grocery stores. You’ll need to be smart to save money here as many chain stores will only offer the discount on a specific day of the month, but it’s definitely worth it if you can get 10-15% off your entire shop. Our top tip: Ask at your local store too. The discount may not be promoted or automatically offered but it would be a shame to miss out!

5. Enjoy a Movie

Save a whopping amount of money at the cinema, you’ve earned it. Heading to the movies is probably the most value for money entertainment for senior citizens. The serious bargain is offered weekday mornings when films are under $5 and if you can’t make that, you can still get up to 35% off a regular movie. Go swot up on the latest blockbusters with a bargain cup of tea thrown in too.

6. Amusement Parks

Bear with us…maybe you don’t want to hit the rollercoasters (or maybe you do) but wait until you see the discount before you make up your mind. Admission to most amusement parks will be cheaper for an over 50 than it would be for an over 5. You can enjoy all the theatre experiences, restaurants and recreational facilities once inside.

7. Get Travelling

The perks for senior citizens when it comes to travelling and enjoying the country are extraordinary and may explain the huge increase in travelling retirees. Many national parks and attractions offer a lifetime pass for as little as $10! The discount applies to people 62 years and older but applies to camping as well as admission. The pass also gives you the bonus of a further 50% off additional services onsite.

8. Get Around

Any city with public transport offers cheaper rates for senior citizens and some journeys are completely free, so make sure you take advantage of these offers and enjoy the freedom of travelling. Trains, buses and even taxis offer discounts and most are easy to receive – just show your senior citizen card to the driver or attendant. Did you know you can even receive a discount when you rent a car? Alamo and Avis, for example, offer 25% off. Go get out there and enjoy your free time!

9. Stay in Touch

There are some excellent plans available for over 65s for a mobile phone or landline, so there is no excuse not to stay in touch with loved ones. Assistants in store will be happy to discuss your options so don’t let age hold you back. Keep up to date with internet offers and keep your communication options open. Get sharing those selfies!