Living in a big city can be a real drain to your bank account, especially when going out on the town. But, it’s not totally hopeless and impossible to live in a nice urban city. In a recent study by, they revealed the most affordable places to live, comparing the value of homes to people’s salary. The cities below offer an excellent quality of life, good healthcare, and tons of activities — all at an affordable price! Check out the Top 25 US cities to live in where your paychecks will take you the farthest!

25. Raleigh-Durham, NC

Cost of Living Ratio: 30%

Median Base Salary: $62,000

Median Home Value: $209,400

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill are known for their research and technology development roots. The city attracts more and more people by offering strong job opportunities and a high quality of life. The majority of the population is young, really friendly, and well educated. There are more than 20 free attractions that are available. The city offers an affordable way to enjoy all of the museums, cultural events, and to also spend family time outdoors.