The processors of the credit cards are responsible for making safe and successful transactions when you are shopping. The credit card system has two types of processors a front and a back-end one.

The Front-end processors forward the transaction from the traders to the customers’ bank to get approval for the transaction.That is how they are ensuring that you have enough money to make the purchase you want. The back-end processor, on the other hand, is responsible for transferring the deposit to the merchants.

We have researched and made the below list of the 15 leading credit card processing companies.


1. Elavon

Evalon is also known as NOVA, and it is a subsidiary company of U.S. Bancorp. Elavon processes payments in more than 30 countries for more than one million merchants.

2. Adyen

Adyen offers a full-stack gateway and e-commerce services to all merchants. It also provides risk management and an online platform. The company managed to attract and keep clients such as  Facebook and Spotify due to its single platform that supports payments in any channel across 100 different payment methods and 200 countries.

3. Fiserv

Fisern is mainly known to offer account processing services, electronic payments, check processing, web and mobile banking, and more. As per recent reports issued by Bank of America, Fiserv is ranked to be the third by revenue.

4. Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems help merchant process their transaction with various payment methods including EMV, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and gift cards. The next-day funding is another service that makes it stand out the rest of the market. The customer services could be reached at any time in the U.S.

5. Bank of America – Merchant Services

Bank of America Merchant Services has the advantage to be working under the cap of one of the biggest banks in the United States. That being said its services accept all kind of payments and support a variety of methods such as debit cards, online checks, credit cards, and gift cards. You can access your funds the next day and also mobile support is available.

6. Citibank

Citibank is a part of Citigroup and that makes available transactions in more than 100 currencies. The list of services offered is endless and to name a few an online support, end-to-end processing, reporting, billing and 24/7 customer service.

7. Vantiv

Vanitiv’s success is mainly based on its speedy processing of payments which are taking less than a second. It is also known to be excellent in processing payments with 95% successful transactions reported in 2015.

8. Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech is the processor that JP Morgan Chase uses for its merchants which is the largest bank in America. It can authorize and transfer payments in more than 130 currencies worldwide. Chase Paymentech offers various solutions including fraud prevention and analytics.

9. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is also one of the largest banks in the U.S. As such it offers different processing solutions. The next day funding is available and encryption and tokenization technology are supported.

10. Cielo

Cielo is one of the largest credit and debit cards provider in Brazilia. It is also the biggest payment system in Latin America.

11. TSYS

Total System Services (TSYS) is connecting buyers and customers worldwide make their transactions fast and secure. On its portfolio it offers to issue services, acquiring services, prepaid solutions, and merchant solutions.

12. Global Payments

Global Payments is a company that specializes mainly in helping businesses accept all kinds of transactions. Its services include credit and debit cards, electronic check, money transfer, authorization and recovery services, gift/loyalty cards, check guarantee, ACH checks, financial EDI services, and point-of-sale equipment.

13. Worldpay

Worldpay is based in the UK and it is one of the oldest platforms on the market. The company offers a variety of payments services. It has processed transactions for more than $520 billion and it has 400,000 merchants globally.

14. Moneris

Moneris is the Canadian largest payment processor company. The volume of its transactions increased a lot the last few years and it has more than 350, 000 merchants at the moment.

15. First Data

First Data specializes in small businesses’ payments. It offers services based on its Clover products that make transfers on the go possible via Wi-Fi and a mini reader attached to other devised to speed the transaction.