Whether you are working to retire or have already reached that life goal, you may be thinking about just how much of that will go back to the Government. Have you ever considered the idea of settling into a new city where your hard-earned cash stays in your pocket? Believe it or not, there really are tax havens both in the US and abroad where you can keep most, if not all of your pension, savings and social security. So it’s time to consider packing your bags! Let’s start with the US and then overseas. There are some amazing places to consider retiring – and saving on your taxes is the icing on the retirement cake!

1. Alaska, USA

Alaska is one of America’s greatest and most profitable states to retire in. It is hugely popular among retirees and because of this there are many retirement communities. There is plenty of recreation, fishing, boating and scenic touring. It is also one of the most picturesque of US states. It may be a slightly cooler climate but on the plus side, it’s residents pay no income or sales taxes, nor does the state tax the pensions or Social Security income for retirees. Some localities do have sales taxes, but when you become a permanent resident you can look forward to a yearly check from the state thanks to its vast oil wealth.